Films that have inspired us to drink more alcohol

 1. Cocktail       

We don't know if it's Tom Cruise's acting or just the name of the film itself. In Cocktail, Cruise plays a part-time bar tender who finds love in a bar in Queens. This rom-com/drama made $170 million worldwide but also managed to win worst screenplay and worst film. Therefore we suggest you watch it with a cocktail in hand!

2. Sideways

This 2004 film won the hearts of wine connoisseurs around the world. A recently divorced and depressed man takes a road trip to Napa Valley with his best friend who is looking for one last fling before marriage. They drink a lot of wine and a lot of funny antics take place. This makes us want to drink wine too. The film won an Oscar and was nominated 5 times!

3. The Hangover Trilogy

The Hangover films managed to do what many films of this kind failed to do. Entertain and bring in a mass audience with what appears on the surface to be a really simple idea. Four friends wake-up one morning after a night out in Vegas to find a tiger and a baby in their trashed hotel suite. The madness continues from there. This makes us want to drink, but also makes us want to be very careful not to drink too much!

4. The World's End

This film follows a group of friends who embark on a colossal pub crawl during an alien invasion. Doesn't sound realistic? It's a film! To save the world they must make it to the last bar, named "The World's End".

5. Bad Santa

Billy Bob Thornton plays Santa Claus who hides his booze in his jacket. This light hearted comedy sees a drunk bad Santa turn good! It makes us want to have a Christmas tipple in front of the fire whilst we watch!

6. Beerfest

Two friends discover the world of underground beer tournaments in Germany. Their German relatives don't like them and lose at their first beer drinking contest. They have to redeem themselves by creating a beer drinking team to win the next tournament. It reminds us that we heart beer.

7. Project X

An American 'geek' teen is peer pressured into throwing a party for his birthday whilst his parents are away. What starts out as a few friends turns into the whole neighbourhood. His Father's car ends up in the pool, his dog flies away and he ends up on the roof. This makes us miss our teenage house party days!

8. American Pie

How could we leave out this classic. The American Pie films centre around teens entering college life and getting their first real taste of alcohol and girls! This comedy inspires us to drink to the funny, cringe-worthy and touching moments throughout all 4 films!